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Interior Painting

We offer the very best residential, interior house painting contractor services in the Philadelphia main line area, Bucks, Chester, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties.

Our highly trained painters have extensive experience in interior painting jobs, are timely, friendly and courteous, carrying a professional work ethic at all times.

During the duration of the interior painting job at your home, they will keep the work area and any equipment used organized and clean.

We use Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, etc. professional grade primer and paints that make the difference in paint quality, longevity, color and overall eye appeal. Customers may request their brand of paint used instead.

We can assist in paint colors and finishes.

Paint samples can be placed on the wall or ceilings to aid in your color decision. Thereafter, our lead painter on the job will always confirm your color choices as we go along painting from room to room.

In the end your finished painting job by will be elegant, clean lined, and beautiful.

Prior to any work being started we will do the following:

  • Interior objects like, furniture, lamps, curtain rods, paintings, pictures, wall decorations, lighting features, electrical outlets and light switches, thermostats, alarm systems, door handles, window latches, tables, kitchen and bath, etc. are properly covered or removed. We pay close attention to floors and rugs, ensuring they are also well covered, ensuring all non-painted areas and valuables are protected by drop cloths, plastic, tape, ram board or painters paper.

Before painting begins we will conduct wall and ceiling surface preparations.

  • We will inspect all areas to be painted doing the necessary prep work first:
  • Sanding and smoothing of areas to be painted. Scraping off loose paint chips and sanding all areas smooth to ensure paint will adhere to the surface and not peel. Any glossy paint areas being painted over will be sanded and cleaned to ensure proper paint adhesion that will prevent peeling later.
  • Drywall and Plaster Repair: Patching and joint compound skim coating are conducted where needed and when dry, re-inspection of patching areas may require additional coats of patch. Finally areas are sanded smooth to achieve a seamless surface.
  • Nail hole filling using painters putty as needed in all trim woodwork, baseboards, molding, crown molding, paneling, wainscoting, windows and doors.
  • Caulking of cracks as needed along woodwork, walls and ceiling joints that results in a clean lined finish look when painted.
  • Primer and priming the painting surface is usually needed, and very important to achieve a consistent color. They block out any stains or underlining color differences that would stubbornly show threw on the final paint layer.
  • Taping off where needed, and utilizing painters tape to both protect surface areas and achieve a strait paint line is paramount.
  • Wall paper removal and pre-existing substrate conditions: Due to the concealed nature of the underlying walls it is impossible to accurately determine the time and labor needed to remove wallpaper and see the prior underlying condition of the wall after the paper is removed. When a wall has not be properly sealed prior to wallpaper going on, there will always be some damage in removing the paper that will require additional time, material and labor cost repairing and preparing the wall to be properly painted.
  • Depending on the surface and area to be painted, the proper paint application is used, whether by brush, roller or paint sprayer.
  • At the end of each day we will vacuum/broom clean work areas and clean up properly before leaving.

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